Door Entry Systems for Controlled Entry and Protection of your Property

Do you live in a flat or apartment and want the convenience and security of allowing people into the building without having to descend flights of stairs? Perhaps you would like the added protection of being able to see who is visiting your home or business without opening your front door or coming face to face with them? Do you require an access solution for your unmanned reception area or gate? A wireless door entry system can give you peace of mind and is a convenient way to permit access to your property.

Door entry systems operate as either audio or video systems. An audio door entry system allows you to speak to the caller before either letting them in or releasing the door remotely via an electronic release mechanism. A video entry system operates in the same way but has the added security of allowing you to see an image of the caller.

Multi handsets can be provided for door entry systems. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use. So for example, you may choose to have a handset in the bedroom, living room and garage, or you may find it convenient to have the option of using a handset in different areas of your business premises.

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